New Year And A New Start: Promo Ideas You Can Offer New Clients

There are endless ideas of different promotions you can choose to offer your clients. A great deal of them are only so that you can build important relationships with your customers – you might not make a profit from offering them. Make sure you’re not offering ridiculous deals that you can’t afford to offer and be sure you’re at least breaking even by offering them.

Here are Five Promotional Ideas You Can Offer Your New Clients

  1. New Years Promotional Ideas50% off all new purchases – If you can afford to do so, you can offer this deal on all of the services you provide. Whether it be web design services, marketing solutions, shared hosting, virtual private servers, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, etc. The bigger the service and the discount the more likely they are to go ahead and signup.
  2. 365 features + a free domain for a year – If it is possible, give a list of 365 features you’re able to provide new clients for the new year. If they are interested in signing up for any plan for one year they will also get a free .com domain of their choice.
  3. Our promise to you this year deal – Everyone has something they want to change about themselves from the start of the new year, so they set their new year’s resolutions – maybe you can be honest with your clients and tell them what you’ve changing about the service this year because you didn’t provide it as well as you could have last year.
  4. Free domain and 12 months free hosting – If they sign up to a whole years free web hosting, why not give them another 12 months and a new domain completely free? If you’re only breaking even profit wise from offering promotions like this then at least you’re still building a client base which is all important.
  5. Firework madness, our largest plan for only $0.99 per month – If you’re offering such a deal as this then your best bet would be to make the client pay for at least 12 months to get it for $0.99 per month. There’s no benefit offering this deal month by month as you want the client to be using your service for the year and then deciding there is no point in looking for the service elsewhere because they’ve been very satisfied with the services.

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Brilliant Tricks to Make People Buy Your Product Immediately

Sale SignWhen you’re at the checkout at the supermarket, you’ll see a stack of magazines. Looking at the cover, you’ll sometimes decide to bring along the magazine to the checkout cashier. This is what called impulse buying. You see a product for a short time period, and you have the desire to buy it immediately. Now, how do you arouse people’s impulse buying desire? Here are five brilliant tricks to make people buy your product immediately:

1. Give them the reason

First of all, people want the reason why they should buy certain products immediately. Without this reason, people won’t likely want to take action. So, why should people buy your product immediately? Give a deadline or irresistible offer. For instance, you can let people know that you’re selling your product at half the price for 24 hours only. This way, people will want to grab this offer immediately. Otherwise, they’ll lose this money saving opportunity forever.

2. Strong social factor

Why do people buy popular products? That’s because other people buy them. Other people say that the product is good, so people buy that product too. If you can convince your audience that your product is well-liked by your customers, then you’re boosting people’s impulse buying desire quickly. So, put real motivating and encouraging testimonials from your customers in your sales page. This will significantly help other people to make their decision faster.

3. Scarcity factor

People like to buy things that are scarce or rare, and that’s why limited edition products are usually sold very quickly (even within 24 hours after launch). So, scarcity factor plays a role here. If you tell people that your product has limited stock, this will likely trigger their buying decision quickly. If you tell people that you still have plenty of products in stock, then people can delay their purchase or even not consider buying at all.

4. Hit their emotion

Most people buy based on their emotion. Think about it. If you’re a smoker, you’ll likely buy more cigarettes when you are mad or stress. When you are frustrated, you’ll tend to spend more money to comfort yourself. You’ll find products that you think can comfort you and make the buying decision immediately. That’s why you shouldn’t carry your credit card when you’re mad or frustrated. But, as a seller, you can take advantage of this phenomenon.  Hit people’s emotion in your sales page and you’ll get more people to hit the buy now button.

5. Free bonus

Lastly, you can give them free bonuses for purchasing your product. Why is it important? People want the most out of their money. If they spend $10, they’ll make sure that the $10 that they spend doesn’t go to waste. They’ll make sure that they get more from what they spend. Here’s where free bonus comes to play. Free bonus will motivate your audience to buy your product immediately because they see the increased value in your product. They no longer have strong resistance toward purchasing your product because now they have a bigger reason to buy it. They get more from what they spend.

If you follow the steps explained in this article, your product will be more desirable for your audience. The result will be more sales for you because people will buy your product at a rapid pace. This is how a bestseller product is born.